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Winter 2018

Winter 2018 issue: 2025 | Future of Work


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Editor’s Note

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Principles in Action:
Framing Career Development as a Lifelong Process

With a goal of bringing greater clarity and consistency to our national conversations about career development, CERIC developed a set of Guiding Principles of Career Development that have been enthusiastically embraced across Canada

By Paula Wischoff Yerama


The Death of the Full-Time Job?

By reflecting on the trends emerging today, we can speculate about what the future labour market will look like

By David Tal


Online Reviews Emerging as Key Influence in Job Search

How user-generated content will drive applicant decision-making and recruitment spending patterns well into the future

By Nathan Laurie


How Do We Prepare Our Graduates to Prepare for Tomorrow?

Tips for students, career professionals, employers and faculty on how to respond to disruption

By Philip D. Gardner


Not Every Computer-Related Job Is IT

Understanding computing disciplines to help advisors guide students in choosing the right career path

By Janet Miller and Randy Connolly


[Online Exclusive] The Changing World of Work

What occupations and skills are most at risk with automation – and which will remain in demand

By Trudy Parsons 


[Online Exclusive] Tales of the Elevator Operator

As new technology is applied to automating jobs, workers will have to adapt at a pace of change that we’ve never seen before

By Jeremy Auger


[Online Exclusive] The Future of the Canadian Workforce in the Digital Society

Attracting talent and engaging underrepresented groups

By Dragana Martinovic and Viktor Freiman


[Online Exclusive] Skills for an Automated Future

Changing how we develop skills, measure them and apply them in the workforce

By Patrick Snider


[Online Exclusive] Nova Scotia Trades Exhibition Hall: Innovation in Youth Engagement

Fighting the knowledge gap to increase young people’s awareness of the diversity in the construction industry

By Madison Tiller


The theme for the next issue of Careering magazine (Spring-Summer 2018) will be “Diversity & Pluralism.” If you are interested in submitting an article, please review our submission guidelines and send a brief outline of your proposed topic to Final articles must be received by April 12, 2018.

Views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of ContactPoint and CERIC. Mention of programs, services, products and initiatives is not an endorsement of these items.

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