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Winter 2017

Careering-Winter-2017Winter 2017 issue: Cultural Perspectives on Career and Work: Understanding International Students and New Canadians

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Editor’s Note

Career Briefs

10 Questions for the Right Honourable Paul Martin

Calendar of Events

Hot Links: Cultural Perspectives on Career and Work

French version of Careering / Version française de Careering


Career Counselling for International Students in High-Schools

Guiding students through the journey to post-secondary education in Canada and the Canadian labour market

By Julie Doucette


Overcoming Cultural Differences to Facilitate Integration and Success

How cultural values and assumptions influence international students and newcomers’ career choices and job search behaviour

By Ben Yang


From Book Bags to Briefcase: International Student Transition to Employment in Canada

“International education is a key driver of Canada’s future prosperity, particularly in the areas of innovation, trade, human capital development and the labor market.” Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, 2012

By Jennifer Browne and Sonja Knutson


Working with Refugees: From Fear to Employment

“We call them refugees, but they’re just people, like you and me”, and … “We all stand on the shoulders of good people who didn’t look away when we were in need”. [George Clooney, Oscar-winning actor]

By Albert Nsabiyumva


A Cultural Approach for Career Development Among the Inuit

Understanding the differences and adapting to clients for better career counselling

By Gabrielle St-Cyr


Later Life Career Development

How to approach career transitions among workers age 50 and older

By Suzanne Cook


[Online Exclusive] The Importance of International Students in the K to 12 Education Sector in Canada

Overview of the economic benefits of the internationalization of the primary and secondary school sectors

By Jeff Davis


[Online Exclusive] Understanding and Supporting the Needs of International Students

How can career professionals ensure international students’ career success?

By Anna-Lisa Ciccocioppo and Martha Liliana Gonzalez


Overcoming the “Lack of Canadian Experience” Hurdle

By applying these eight recommendations, I have helped countless newcomers to Canada build their careers – in their chosen fields

By Joanna Samuels


[Online Exclusive] Self-Directed Career Management: A Passport to Integrating into a New Society

In today’s world, people’s relationship with work is constantly evolving and becoming more complex. This dynamic requires the acquisition of a new skill: self‑directed career management

By Liette Goyer


The theme for the next issue of Careering magazine (Spring-Summer 2017) will be The Changing Nature of Careers. This issue will be a first, an exciting collaborative edition with Career Developments magazine, the magazine of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). If you are interested in submitting an article, note that the final version of all articles must be received by March 20, 2017. Please review our submission guidelines and send your article to:

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