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Informational interview

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An informational Interview (informational conversation, information interview) is a brief meeting (generally one hour or less) arranged and led by a potential jobseeker in which he/she seeks to obtain insider information on a particular career or industry, on specific companies that he/she might want to work at, and other informations that cannot be obtained in print or online resources; while an employed professional learns about the jobseeker and judges their professional potential and fit to the corporate culture, so building their candidate pool for future hires. An informational interview is not a job interview – it can lead to a job offer, but this should not be expected from the jobseeker, and the interview should not be used to sell oneself. It is one of the most effective networking strategy for jobseekers and graduates. In an informational interview, the interviewer can be unemployed, or else employed and considering new options. The jobseeker is expected to lead the interview and have questions prepared beforehand.


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