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Career development practitioner (CDP)

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Career practitioners, or career development practitioners (CDPs), facilitate the ability of clients to take charge of their own career development by assisting them in the process of identifying and accessing resources, planning, and managing for their career-life development. It is used as an umbrella term that refers to any direct service provider in the career development field. This includes but is not limited to: career practitioners, career educators, career information specialists, career management consultants, work development officers, employment support workers, work experience coordinators, job developers, placement coordinators, career coaches, and vocational rehabilitation workers.

Although the term “counsellor” has historically been used with many job titles in the field (e.g., employment counsellors, rehabilitation counsellors, career counsellors), in recent years there has been increasing recognition that a “career counsellor” has a specific scope of practice. Employers are encouraged to use titles without “counselling” in them for all employees and service providers who are not professional counsellors/therapists.

Career practitioners can provide direct services in the areas of:


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