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Wading into the workplace: Employers’ tips for recent graduates or inexperienced workers

By Jay Gosselin As throngs of recent university and college grads begin to wade into the mysterious waters of today’s job market and countless high school students search for summer jobs, I wanted to share some tips you can pass on to your clients – tips that come from employers themselves. Working as a co-op program coordinator for one of the largest universities in Ontario over the past two and ... Read More »

Lessons from the Road: Soft Skills Yield Smashing Results

Soft Skills Yield Smashing Results This is the second part of a three-part blog series on youth career development by Clinton Nellist from Road to Employment, a project developed by two post-secondary graduates who travelled across Canada exploring youth unemployment and underemployment. For more about their project visit The year after I graduated from university I worked at ... Read More »

Why are flexible work arrangements becoming a movement?

All workers in the U.K. (not just parents and caregivers) have the right to request flexible work arrangements including start and end times or working from home as examples. This came into effect June 30, 2014. Once a worker has been with an employer for 26 weeks or more the employee has the right to make a statutory application that the employer must deal with in a reasonable manner.1 Why this c... Read More »

Medical Writing: Legitimate Work from Home Opportunity

What kind of work is it?  A Medical Writer is responsible for communicating all aspects of the work being done by the company to a variety of audiences. The ability to take highly scientific information and then translate that into something understandable by others is key. Imagine the challenge of taking the next drug to market and writing journal articles, educational materials, funding proposal... Read More »

Parents and Educators: 5 Career Questions Twenty-Somethings Need Our Help To Answer

The world of work has changed. Career counsellors and coaches know the changes aren’t recent, but there is a signifcant number of people still struggling to come to terms with the changes – and the implications of these changes. I’m among the oldest of the Gen Xers. I was born in the mid-60s and graduated university (the first time) in the late 80s. I worked for a decade in the b... Read More »

Defying the Odds: People with Mental Health Disorders Who Choose a Career in a Helping Profession

One out of five Canadians (according to Health Canada) will suffer from a mental health disorder at some time in their lives. That’s a lot of people, all around us. These individuals are found in every age group and at every socioeconomic level. They use employment assistance or career services. You will encounter them regularly in your office. Maybe you have noticed that a considerable proportion... Read More »

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