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social media

Why Can’t We Be Friends? – Employment Counselling and Social Media’s Elastic Effect

More and more often, we are asked in our daily lives to like, friend tag, and link to others, either directly or indirectly. Remaining objective through these personal relationships is a key to achieving success in a professional role, and the elasticity of social media in these relationships is a factor that as career professionals we need to understand and discuss. The question is not why can we... Read More »

Is social media the “must use” tool for everyone?

I have to admit – I feel like I have built a reputation as a social media fanatic in terms of career development and personal branding; I truly love the aspects of social media and the tool that it can be used for in terms of career development, personal branding and reputation creation.  However – it is a tool, let us keep that in mind.  Much like a hammer or pen, the tool can be used to create m... Read More »

Keep the social in your social résumé

I recently came across the term “social résumé” for the first time. It was used in the context of job seekers creating a professional and impactful online image, beyond just posting a LinkedIn profile, to gain greater visibility with potential employers. The idea is that job seekers now need to establish a professional and evolving online image through a variety of means such as starting a résumé ... Read More »

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