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mental health

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s (CCPA) 2018 Conference

Listen to this episode of CareerBuzz at Careercycles Mark Franklin was your Career Buzz correspondent interviewing keynoters and speakers on-site at the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s 2018 Conference in lovely Winnipeg, Manitoba. The CCPA aims to help practitioners and researchers who work in the mental health field. For the first time ever, there are five (and soon to be six... Read More »

Successful Job Placement and Retention Through Workplace Accommodation Identification

My previous post provided an overview of the types of task challenges faced by people with disabilities, and the need to understand these challenges in order to determine the appropriate accommodations.  This post explores accommodation options for various types of barriers to work performance, as well as how to request them.  For the purpose of this article, accommodations refer to strategies, ad... Read More »

Supporting Employee Success When Mental Health is a Factor

  by Mary Ann Baynton In career services or career development, you may serve both your client and the existing or potential employer by helping devise an employee accommodation plan that takes mental health into account. To devise such a plan, it is important to have an effective process whereby all parties—employer, employee, healthcare professional and/or other professionals—are able to co... Read More »

Unemployment and Mental Health

I last wrote about the fear of success that many of the long term unemployed might experience. This time, I’d like to expand on that theme, and look at the effect that long term unemployment can have on an individual’s mental health. These days, the job search seems to take much longer than it has in the past; because of this, many people find that their mental health and wellbeing suffers. Being ... Read More »

Employees Are Overwhelmed and It’s Impacting Productivity

By Beverly Beuermann-King Many of our employees are overloaded and anxious. A 2013/2014 Staying@Work Survey from Towers Watson indicates that stress is still the number one lifestyle risk. The Sun Life Financial 2012 Canadian Health Index Report found that 72% of respondents reported experiencing excessive or uncomfortable levels of stress, and that the youngest age groups, in the prime of their w... Read More »

Career Counselling & Mental Health: Bridging the Gap

As career professionals, we encounter a large number of people with some kind of mental health issue, yet most of us do not have any specific training in the mental health field. This can lead to feelings of ineffectiveness and frustration. A well-publicized statistic is that one in five people experience some form of mental health issue in their life. As such, it’s not surprising that many of our... Read More »

Defying the Odds: People with Mental Health Disorders Who Choose a Career in a Helping Profession

One out of five Canadians (according to Health Canada) will suffer from a mental health disorder at some time in their lives. That’s a lot of people, all around us. These individuals are found in every age group and at every socioeconomic level. They use employment assistance or career services. You will encounter them regularly in your office. Maybe you have noticed that a considerable proportion... Read More »

The Elephant in the Career Centre: Mental Health and Job Search

We have all been there at one time, had a client who wouldn’t engage in your sessions. They sure can convince you, when they are sitting there in your office, that they are motivated to work on their job search. But then, they don’t show up for your next appointment, or, if they do, they come with nothing accomplished in their job search. They might refuse to attend workshops and if they do, they ... Read More »

Change from Within – Career Practitioners and Mental Health

For the last two years, a research project funded by the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) has been underway in Nova Scotia, exploring what career practitioners need to know to support clients with mental health challenges. The project collected data from mental health consumers and career practitioners who provided a balanced perspective on the challenges faced in ... Read More »

Career Professionals a Critical Link to Employment for Clients with Mental Health Challenges

Career development professionals recognize they are missing skills and knowledge to effectively support an increasing number of clients with mental illness in their job search and career planning, according to a new CERIC-funded project report. The report, entitled Charting the Course: Mapping the Career Practitioner Role in Supporting People with Mental Health Challenges, assesses the stigma clie... Read More »

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