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labour market information

Opportunities for Newcomers with Language Skills

Are you a career professional who works with Newcomers to Canada?  Or perhaps you are a Newcomer yourself.  If so, I want to share some innovative things that are happening that are increasing the demand for those with a solid native understanding of one language, able to translate it into another.  This trend is known as translation as a service. Hospitals are an example where live, simultaneous ... Read More »

Why are flexible work arrangements becoming a movement?

All workers in the U.K. (not just parents and caregivers) have the right to request flexible work arrangements including start and end times or working from home as examples. This came into effect June 30, 2014. Once a worker has been with an employer for 26 weeks or more the employee has the right to make a statutory application that the employer must deal with in a reasonable manner.1 Why this c... Read More »

From Compliance to Trust: the culture of virtual business

When Josh Zweig and Chad Davis set out to start their business they envisioned a new type of chartered accountant – client relationship that eschewed the traditional image of a C.A. in favour of an accessible, tech able, friendly accountant. is the company they founded and is Canada’s first 100% paperless, online chartered accounting firm. The team at work via Skype with ... Read More »

Medical Writing: Legitimate Work from Home Opportunity

What kind of work is it?  A Medical Writer is responsible for communicating all aspects of the work being done by the company to a variety of audiences. The ability to take highly scientific information and then translate that into something understandable by others is key. Imagine the challenge of taking the next drug to market and writing journal articles, educational materials, funding proposal... Read More »

A Smartphone + an App = earning money while you grocery shop

Snap Saves is an app for your smartphone, tablet or pc that enables you to earn money from your routine shopping trips to the grocery store. Our tester, Lesley shares that in just over a week she has earned (saved) $5.00. What kind of work is it? It’s not really work per se it’s more like a modern version of coupons. Instead of clipping them you browse the app and see what is on ‘offer’, then if y... Read More »

An iPhone + an App = earning money for routine errands

Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home in Canada is an app for your iPhone (and only iPhones) that enables you to earn money while doing routine errands. Our tester agent, Michelle, earned $34 in a week while doing her shopping, coffee runs and other errands. What kind of work is it? The work is a combination of crowdsourcing and analytics using your iPhone. So what does that mean... Read More »

Seasonal Tax Advisor with Intuit: Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home

Seasonal Tax Advisor with Intuit:  Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home creates financial and accounting software for both personal and business use.  Product names you may recognize include Quicken, Turbo Tax or Quick Books just to name three Intuit products. What kind of work is it? You provide in-depth tax advice to Canadians who are using Turbo Tax software to prepare and file th... Read More »

The Sequel – How to Change Your Career Without Starting Over! Book Review by Scharlene Redway

  Book Review The Sequel – How to Change Your Career Without Starting Over! ISBN: 978-1-59357-865-7 Publisher: Jist Works America’s Career Publisher About the Author: Dr. Laurence Shatkin is a leading career expert who identifies seven routes you can take to redefine your career, leveraging the skills, knowledge and education you already possess. He helps to point you in the direc... Read More »

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