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Accessibility in the Job Search Phase

You are working with one of your clients who has a disability and, through your connections, learn of an upcoming position that matches his interests and skills. He is very much interested in the job, but you are told that he must apply online – a significant challenge given his visual impairment. The Employment Accessibility Standard of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ... Read More »

Disability & Work Performance: Typical Task Challenges

Career and work practitioners are no doubt familiar with Section 16 (1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act that makes it mandatory for employers to provide accommodations for employees with disabilities as long as they can do the essential duties of the job and the accommodations do not cause undue hardship in terms of health, safety or cost.  This right works best when the disability is disclosed a... Read More »

Preparing your clients to work from home

Do you have clients who have been asking you about work from home opportunities? If so here are some tips for preparing your clients to work from home. For each area, have a coaching conversation with your client, asking them to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being low and 10 being high. Self-discipline To be successful working from home you need self-discipline. Self-discipline is ... Read More »

Opportunities for Newcomers with Language Skills

Are you a career professional who works with Newcomers to Canada?  Or perhaps you are a Newcomer yourself.  If so, I want to share some innovative things that are happening that are increasing the demand for those with a solid native understanding of one language, able to translate it into another.  This trend is known as translation as a service. Hospitals are an example where live, simultaneous ... Read More » Legitimate Opportunities to Work from Home  

What kind of work is it? is a job board dedicated to matching top talent to employers who are willing to hire regardless of location.  I’ve been tracking this board for the past 6 months and have found that they are posting opportunities that are interesting, well compensated and offer flexibility.     The job board is currently offering some very interesting positions... Read More »

Technical Sales: Legitimate Opportunities to Work from Home

Over the past several months I have noticed a sharp increase in the job posting for Technical Sales Representatives that are managing a territory out of their home office. What kind of work is it? Working with a virtual sales team and reporting to a sale manager or head office, the Technical Sales Representative is responsible for managing a sales territory. They bring with them their technical sk... Read More »

Tips for Soon-to-Be and Recent Grads on School-to-Work Transition

Now that the end of another school year approaches and exam deadlines loom, college and university students who are graduating also have the added pressure of looking for that important first job after earning a degree or diploma. We’ve put together some tips for recent grads to navigate the post-college job search, and for ongoing students to try and get a jump on their career. Career professiona... Read More »

Medical Writing: Legitimate Work from Home Opportunity

What kind of work is it?  A Medical Writer is responsible for communicating all aspects of the work being done by the company to a variety of audiences. The ability to take highly scientific information and then translate that into something understandable by others is key. Imagine the challenge of taking the next drug to market and writing journal articles, educational materials, funding proposal... Read More »

A Smartphone + an App = earning money while you grocery shop

Snap Saves is an app for your smartphone, tablet or pc that enables you to earn money from your routine shopping trips to the grocery store. Our tester, Lesley shares that in just over a week she has earned (saved) $5.00. What kind of work is it? It’s not really work per se it’s more like a modern version of coupons. Instead of clipping them you browse the app and see what is on ‘offer’, then if y... Read More »

An iPhone + an App = earning money for routine errands

Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home in Canada is an app for your iPhone (and only iPhones) that enables you to earn money while doing routine errands. Our tester agent, Michelle, earned $34 in a week while doing her shopping, coffee runs and other errands. What kind of work is it? The work is a combination of crowdsourcing and analytics using your iPhone. So what does that mean... Read More »

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