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job placement

The Role of Life Skills in Job Maintenance

A realistic employment goal has been set, the resume has been updated, the interview was a success and your client has been offered the position. Time to celebrate! However, your client’s feeling of elation is soon replaced with anxiety over learning the roles and responsibilities involved in the position as well as adapting to the company’s culture. Then before the probationary period is up, he i... Read More »

Disability & Work Performance: Typical Task Challenges

Career and work practitioners are no doubt familiar with Section 16 (1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act that makes it mandatory for employers to provide accommodations for employees with disabilities as long as they can do the essential duties of the job and the accommodations do not cause undue hardship in terms of health, safety or cost.  This right works best when the disability is disclosed a... Read More »

A Smartphone + an App = earning money while you grocery shop

Snap Saves is an app for your smartphone, tablet or pc that enables you to earn money from your routine shopping trips to the grocery store. Our tester, Lesley shares that in just over a week she has earned (saved) $5.00. What kind of work is it? It’s not really work per se it’s more like a modern version of coupons. Instead of clipping them you browse the app and see what is on ‘offer’, then if y... Read More »

An iPhone + an App = earning money for routine errands

Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home in Canada is an app for your iPhone (and only iPhones) that enables you to earn money while doing routine errands. Our tester agent, Michelle, earned $34 in a week while doing her shopping, coffee runs and other errands. What kind of work is it? The work is a combination of crowdsourcing and analytics using your iPhone. So what does that mean... Read More »

How can you increase your placement rates if your clients are unemployed?

By John-Paul Hatala Today, one of the main barriers to finding a job is being unemployed. Sounds kind of odd to say, but the fact is that organizations like to hire people who are already working. As such, this puts your clients at a serious disadvantage. It is not because they don’t possess the necessary skills or experience, but more simply, they don’t have a job. In the mean time, your placemen... Read More »

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