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career counselling

The Influence of Parenting Style and Locus of Control on Employment Counselling for People with Disabilities

As an adolescent with a disability makes the transition from school to work, it is not uncommon for a parent to become overly involved in their adult child’s career decision making and job search search process.  This can take the form of sitting in on an intake interview with an employment service provider, accompanying a candidate to a job interview or preventing your client from accepting... Read More »

Seasonal Tax Advisor with Intuit: Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home

Seasonal Tax Advisor with Intuit:  Legitimate Opportunity to Work from Home creates financial and accounting software for both personal and business use.  Product names you may recognize include Quicken, Turbo Tax or Quick Books just to name three Intuit products. What kind of work is it? You provide in-depth tax advice to Canadians who are using Turbo Tax software to prepare and file th... Read More »

Career Counselling & Mental Health: Bridging the Gap

As career professionals, we encounter a large number of people with some kind of mental health issue, yet most of us do not have any specific training in the mental health field. This can lead to feelings of ineffectiveness and frustration. A well-publicized statistic is that one in five people experience some form of mental health issue in their life. As such, it’s not surprising that many of our... Read More »

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