What I Know in My Bones: Practical Wisdom for Success in Employment and Training

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Denise Bissonnette is an internationally renowned trainer and keynote speaker who has authored several celebrated books including Beyond Traditional Job Development: The Art of Creating Opportunity, Cultivating True Livelihood, and 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee. Known for coupling the philosophical with the practical, Denise delivers inspiration with equal portions of hand-on tools and techniques. In her unique and characteristic style, Denise brings together her talents as poet, writer, storyteller, teacher and career developer.


With the desire to expand our technical understanding in the arena of employment counselling and job development, we appreciate sound hypotheses, seek out educated theories, and value evidence-based practices. Sometimes, however, the inspiration we need to grow deeper in our work comes in a simpler package, more like kitchen-table wisdom than conference-style information gathering.

Such is the spirit of Denise Bissonnette’s newest series, entitled “What I Know in My Bones.” In each of these four one-hour sessions, she dishes up distilled insights, practical advice and hard-won wisdom garnered from three decades of her work in the field of employment and training.  With warmth, humility and unending passion for her work as a job developer, career coach, writer, trainer and curriculum developer, Denise will share what she has come to “know in her bones,” in the following four areas:

  1. Working with Employers
  2. Individual Assessment and Motivation
  3. Working with Job Seekers
  4. Preparing the New Employee for Job Retention

Delivered in a no-nonsense, conversational style, Denise bases each session on guiding principles and/or core beliefs that have informed her writing and teaching in that area, the most common questions/concerns she has heard from employment professionals, and her best advice to people who are new in the field, and to those who are well-seasoned and need renewal.

The ideas and concepts covered in this series will include excerpts from three of her most popular publications: Beyond Traditional Job Development: The Art of Creating OpportunityCultivating True Livelihood; and 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee.

Module #1: What I Know in My Bones: Working with Employers

Topics include:

  • Dispelling “employer myths”;
  • Adopting an entrepreneurial approach;
  • Unlimited opportunities for partnership;
  • The importance of having questions over answers;
  • How language is everything; and,
  • Treating employer objections as welcomed invitations.

Module #2: What I Know in My Bones: Client Assessment and Motivation

Topics include:

  • Getting out of our own way and claiming “cluelessness”;
  • The gentle art of getting to what matters;
  • Vocational dreams as Russian nesting dolls;
  • The “question of all questions”;
  • How both the greatest assets and the truest barriers are those of spirit; and,
  • Debunking the myth of “motivation.”

Module #3: What I Know in My Bones: Working with Job Seekers

Topics include:

  • Job seeking sucks – join the club;
  • The difference between “Selecting” and “Settling”;
  • Coaching versus counselling;
  • What empowers, what disempowers;
  • Hiring yourself the right employer – putting it into practice; and,
  • The Resilience Factor.

Module #4: What I Know in My Bones: Preparing the New Employee for Job Retention

Topics include:

  • Why job retention, in and of itself, is not a great goal;
  • The empowering concept of “true livelihood”;
  • Preparing the new employee for the whole truth;
  • Developing habits over cultivating qualities;
  • The 30 skills that I thought covered the bases; and
  • What I failed to mention.