The Resilience Series: Strategies for Staying the Course

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Denise Bissonnette is an internationally renowned trainer and keynote speaker who has authored several celebrated books including Beyond Traditional Job Development: The Art of Creating Opportunity, Cultivating True Livelihood, and 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee. Known for coupling the philosophical with the practical, Denise delivers inspiration with equal portions of hand-on tools and techniques. In her unique and characteristic style, Denise brings together her talents as poet, writer, storyteller, teacher and career developer. She is thrilled to be expanding her repertoire with a host of webinar series, making her message accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere – to be enjoyed by an individual or shared among a group of listeners.

“We have a strange concept of time in our culture, as if it is something to be managed. Time is the current we wade in, whether we move with it or against it. There is no “time management” – there is only self-management. The real heart of the matter is how we manage our goals, our values, our priorities and the choices we make within them.” – Denise Bissonnette



When our best efforts are not bringing us the results we want, in the time that we want them, how do we keep on keepin’ on? This is a universal question lying at the heart of any worthwhile goal, whether imposed by the demands of the job, dictated by the needs of the family, or inspired by our own heart’s desire. When the going gets tough, how do we fight off feelings of lethargy and sluggishness and bring, instead, fresh energy and renewed commitment? How, with so much and so many vying for our attention, do we stay focused on what is important? In the midst of those who would urge us to give up, surrender the cause, or to cease tilting at windmills, how do we remain steadfast in our own sense of purpose? And when our own cynicism and fear comes knocking, how do we refuse it entry, enlisting the company of optimism and hope instead? In this powerful series, Denise offers practical tips and techniques for “Staying the Course” with greater resolve, resilience and self-renewal.


Module #1:  Making the Most of Your Time and Getting the Best from Your Energy

Topics include:

  • Working smarter, not harder
  • Moving from time management to self-management
  • Protecting the privilege of prioritizing
  • Getting real about the expenditure of energy
  • Understanding the “yes in the no” and the “no in the yes”
  • Balancing “doable with ambitious”
  • Sticking with it vs. Getting stuck
  • Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses in working with time


Module #2: Responding Well to Feedback and Dealing with Challenges

Topics include:

  • Seven healthy responses to adversity
  • Reframing challenges by owning your spin
  • Preventing challenges becoming barriers
  • Being responsive versus reactive in difficult situations
  • Distinguishing between internal and external barriers
  • Accepting the “invitation” of an objection or a complaint
  • Embracing the adversity that comes with the territory


Module #3: The Five Essential Roles of Self-Care

Topics include:

  • Wholesome Selfhood vs. Self-esteem
  • Making the case for self-care as essential
  • Reversing the golden rule
  • Self-care as stewardship and self-preservation
  • Being your own Resource Manager
  • Seven pathways to strengthen the spirit
  • Serving as Guardian at the Gate by setting boundaries


Module #4: Thinking Abundance in Difficult Times: 10 Powerful Shifts in Mindset

Topics include:

  • Power of perspective in forming thoughts
  • Choosing growth over safety and hope over fear
  • Implications of being the puppeteer rather than the puppet
  • Daring authenticity in the midst of conformity
  • Bringing the sensibility of the artist to everyday work
  • Living by design rather than by default
  • The imperative of action in an intentional life


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