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Posts by Karen Schofield

Karen Schofield
Karen Schofield, B.A., BEd., CDP is a recent graduate of the Career Development Practitioner program at Conestoga College. She previously worked as a substitute teacher, and also taught adults seeking a secondary school diploma.

Is Mandatory Co-Op the Future for Ontario?

I read an article recently which stated that all Ontario students, enrolled in secondary and post-secondary institutions, might soon face mandatory co-op placements prior to graduation. The idea arose as a recommendation from a “highly skilled workforce expert panel,” convened in December 2015 to develop an integrated strategy to better link the education system with the future job needs of Ontari... Read More »

Is the Resume on the Way Out?

I recently read an article in the Toronto Star which indicated that resumes are slowly starting to become obsolete in the job search. The article discussed how students are increasingly being encouraged to create an online footprint as a more modern way to get noticed by employers. Though the article noted that many employers are still relying on resumes to narrow down job applicants, it also stat... Read More »

Creative Thinking and Career Development

The world around us is always changing, and we must figure out how to adapt to these changes or risk getting left behind. This concept is especially true when it comes to career development and management. Hiring trends are continuously shifting and the skills required for various positions are evolving and becoming more extensive all the time. Therefore, it is our responsibility as careers profes... Read More »

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