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Diane Moore
Diane Moore, M.Ed., CMF, is a professor and coordinator at George Brown College in the Career and Work Counsellor Program and is Vice-Chair of the Provincial Stewardship Group for certification in Ontario. She has worked in the field of career counselling, adult education, consulting and outplacement for the past twenty-five years. An experienced keynote speaker and published author, Diane has written nearly 2,000 articles and conducted workshops for thousands of people on topics such as job interview skills, career management, dealing with change, conflict management, assertive communication and working with different personality styles. In addition to a Master of Education in counselling psychology from the University of Toronto, Diane holds a number of certifications including Life Skills I and II and Personality Dimensions. She received her Career Management Fellow (CMF) certification from the Institute of Career Certification International in 2009 and held the position of Governor on the ICCI Board of Governors from 2010 to 2012. She is former editor of The Office Professional newsletter, former career columnist for the Toronto Star and author of CareerAbility: Skills Office Professionals Need to Succeed in the 21st Century.

Job Search and the Law of the Farm

If you have worked with clients seeking work in any field, you know that most people want a job NOW, if not yesterday. Their eagerness and anxiety to find work, while completely understandable, sometimes leads job seekers to engage in a lot of busywork that may not yield the results they want in finding employment. While taking action, any kind of action, may lead clients to feel they are at least... Read More »

First time, every time

Have you ever gone to a doctor’s office or clinic with a medical problem that is seriously worrisome for you, only to feel that your concerns are minimized and even dismissed by the medical professional treating you? While he or she may have treated hundreds of patients with (fill in your medical issue here), for you it was the first time you had this problem. You likely felt stressed, worried and... Read More »

Keep the social in your social résumé

I recently came across the term “social résumé” for the first time. It was used in the context of job seekers creating a professional and impactful online image, beyond just posting a LinkedIn profile, to gain greater visibility with potential employers. The idea is that job seekers now need to establish a professional and evolving online image through a variety of means such as starting a résumé ... Read More »

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