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Posts by Anne-Marie Rolfe

Anne-Marie Rolfe is a Work from Home Champion in Stratford, PEI and fully committed to researching, investigating and validating legitimate opportunities to work from home. She regularly blogs about legitimate opportunities to work from home or related topics.

Preparing your clients to work from home

Do you have clients who have been asking you about work from home opportunities? If so here are some tips for preparing your clients to work from home. For each area, have a coaching conversation with your client, asking them to rate themselves on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being low and 10 being high. Self-discipline To be successful working from home you need self-discipline. Self-discipline is ... Read More »

Opportunities for Newcomers with Language Skills

Are you a career professional who works with Newcomers to Canada?  Or perhaps you are a Newcomer yourself.  If so, I want to share some innovative things that are happening that are increasing the demand for those with a solid native understanding of one language, able to translate it into another.  This trend is known as translation as a service. Hospitals are an example where live, simultaneous ... Read More »

Work is the boss, not the location

During my career I have worked in a variety of settings including small to medium offices and solo offices based out of my home. This experience has provided me with unique insights into the nature of both an office environment and a home based office. Given the nature of my work, there is a distinct advantage to the home office environment. Elements of your work are probably the same as mine. Let... Read More »

Why are flexible work arrangements becoming a movement?

All workers in the U.K. (not just parents and caregivers) have the right to request flexible work arrangements including start and end times or working from home as examples. This came into effect June 30, 2014. Once a worker has been with an employer for 26 weeks or more the employee has the right to make a statutory application that the employer must deal with in a reasonable manner.1 Why this c... Read More »

Don’t let fear of scams stop you from seeking out work from home opportunities.

One of the biggest comments I hear in talking to people about work from home opportunities is how afraid they are of the scams. That’s tragic! There are so many legitimate work from home opportunities out there just waiting for qualified, self-directed people that fear should not be a barrier to success. Let me start by asking you a question: how do you know if something is legitimate on the inter... Read More »

What is a work from home opportunity?

A quick search on the internet will lead you to a wide variety of terms associated with work from home opportunities. From the many definitions researched, here is the one that best captures the spirit of the movement. “Growing business practice in which an employee or entrepreneur works at home instead of in a company office. The development of personal computers (see microcomputer) has broadened... Read More »

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    […] researching, investigating and validating legitimate opportunities to work from home. Check out her blog on ContactPoint if you are interested to learn […]

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