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Conflict Communication

Excellent workshop for team leaders, teams, project managers, managers, health care professionals, union representatives, human resource professionals, and company owners. Teams that handle conflict productively have higher rates of productivity, are more productive, and are more pro-active. Instead of waiting until a problem becomes a disaster, a team that effectively addresses conflict has high levels of trust in each other, and are more likely to address the issue quickly and professionally. When conflict is addressed in a healthy manner, team members are energised, empowered and engaged. In this workshop participants learn techniques to reduce conflict through quietening their inner voice to really listen, attentive listening and getting to the meaning of the communication.


Excellent for sales professionals, sales teams, entrepreneurs and solo-practitioners. Individuals and teams with high levels of motivations increase sales, reduce turnover and strive to reach stretch goals. When an individual or a team has a high degree of motivation, they are creative and innovative in reaching their goals. Their efforts and enthusiasm raise the bar for everyone around them.    In this workshop participants learn techniques to maintain a positive mindset, to motivate themselves and how to overcome the fear of failure. Participants learn how to put their current circumstances in perspective in order to refocus their efforts and energies towards building momentum and reaching their goals. The skills learned in this workshop help you stay focused as you build and expand your accounts.

The Sound of Silence

Great workshop for sales professionals, health care practitioners, mental health practitioners, leaders, managers Silence often makes people uncomfortable. Culturally, we're told that it's not polite to have moments of silences in conversations. Silence is communication. The silence itself is telling us something and a person who understands that silence has more information, can make a better decision and is more aware of what those around them are really saying and feeling. Silences allow others to think and reflect. Participants will learn how to quieten their mind to really focus on the silence and allow the moment to happen instead of forcing a conversation. Participants will learn about the different types of silences and how to distinguish one from the others, listening and questioning techniques to gain a better appreciation of the other person's perspective, and how to become comfortable with ambiguity. A version of this workshop is approved for 3.5 Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association credits. Search the database with "silence" in course title. View