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Changing Retirement Opportunities

Although most Canadians approaching retirement believe they will get to pick the day they step away from their careers, reality has shown that many Canadians are forced to a retire at a time other than one of their choosing, according to a new poll conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of RBC.

CIBC Poll: Parents delaying retirement, taking on debt to help kids pay for education

An online poll of 1,000 parents commissioned by CIBC has found that 36% of Canadian parents with children under 25 years old will delay their own retirement to help their kids pay for tuition and other education-related expenses, 19% by 5 years or more. 60% of respondents have saved less for their retirement than they had originally planned because of helping children with education costs, and 33% of parents say they have taken on additional debt themselves to help children pay for education.

CIBC Poll: Short on Savings, Canada’s 50-Somethings plan to retire at age 63 – and keep working

A new CIBC poll of Canadians in the heart of the baby boom (aged 50-59) shows that while retirement is just around the corner for many, they have come up short on their savings goals and plan to supplement their income by working in retirement. 

Creative Retirement Manitoba

Creative Retirement is a not-for-profit organization devoted to life-long learning. We are firm believers in mental stimulation as a major factor in good health and longevity. We provide interesting and informative programs for people of varied interests. We offer programs at affordable prices.

Encore Career Fellowship Program

During the last year Intel has worked to improve the experience of Intel employees as they prepare for retirement. One of the results of this effort is that Intel established the new Encore Fellowship pilot.  This pilot is for current U.S. employees who are eligible to retire and it gives them an additional option as they transition into retirement. The program has the added benefit of providing a new source of experienced talent to nonprofit organizations. Similar to the Tuition for Teaching program, this is an alternative for employees to consider as they prepare for the transition into retirement.

Financial Well-Being in Retirement

In Canada, as in most other industrialized countries, the financial well-being of retired persons remains a major public policy issue.

Go60.Com is a no-nonsense, yet caring and compassionate internet destination devoted to helping seniors improve with age. Includes a section for older workers. (USA)

Half of Canadians planning a phased-in retirement

Findings from the 4th annual Sun Life Canadian Unretirement Index conducted by Ipsos Reid.

Household Finances: Are Today’s Seniors Better Off Than Before?

This report explores the wealth of Baby Boomers approaching retirement.

How many years to retirement?

This article provides estimates of the expected working life and post-retirement life-expectancy of workers when they reach 50 years of age. Estimates for various educational attainment categories are also provided, by taking both voluntary and involuntary retirements into account.

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