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Who’s eligible for the Ability Edge paid internship program?  Recent graduates with self-declared disabilities who: have a college diploma/certificate or university bachelor’s degree have little or no career related work experience are legally able to work in Canada have not previously accepted an Ability Edge or Career Edge paid internship

Access Guide Canada

Access Guide Canada (AGC) provides information on accessible resources such as community organizations and accessible public spaces from various geographical locations across Canada.

Business Benefits of Accessible Workplaces

A new report published by the Conference Board of Canada says that persons with disabilities frequently match the skills and education levels of persons without disabilities but are nevertheless 3 times as likely to be unemployed or out of the labour force. Overlooking persons with disabilities comes at a cost to businesses, who are missing out on a number of opportunities including better access to some consumer markets, improved customer loyalty, better job retention, lower turnover, and enhanced job performance and work quality.

Canadian Abilities Foundation

The Canadian Abilities Foundation convenes a forum for the exchange of information to promote an inclusive society and provide inspiration and opportunity for people with disabilities.

Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (CIDI)

The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (CIDI) is a made-in-Canada solution designed to help employers, and diversity and inclusion (D&I), Human Rights and Equity (HR&E) and human resources (HR) practitioners effectively address the full picture of diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace. Effectively managing Diversity and Inclusion, and Human Rights and Equity is a strategic imperative for all Canadian organizations that wish to remain relevant and competitive.

Disability in Canada: Initial Findings from the Canadian Survey on Disability

The Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) is a national survey of Canadians aged 15 and over whose everyday activities are limited because of a long-term condition or health-related problem. This document contains initial survey results on the number of persons with disabilities, prevalence of disability as well as the type and severity of disability, by age and sex, for Canada. For more information, please refer to the document “Canadian Survey on Disability 2012: Data Tables”. can help you find out more information on Disability Insurance: Benefits, SSI, Short Term & Long Term.

Evidence-Based Practices Promoting Inclusion and Customized Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

In this webinar, Dr. Paul Malette, Clinical Director at CBI Consultants, introduced Customized Inclusive Employment and provided an overview of evidence-based practices for participants.

Government of Canada – Services for Youth

This Government of Canada contains useful information for youths, ranging from career planning and financial advice to educational options and major life events. Special sections for unemployed youths, aboriginal youths, youth with disabilities, newcomers, etc.

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