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Canada’s Changing Immigration Policies – What Employers Need to Know (webinar)

Canada’s immigration system is changing rapidly. The changes will affect the future labour pool and the way you manage skilled immigrant talent.

Canadian Colombian Professional Association (CCPA)

CCPA has created a new Mentoring Program that supports all new Latin American professionals arriving in Canada. This program will be a powerful tool for qualified newcomers to contact successful Latin American or Canadian professionals who will support them in their search and achievement of professional goals.

Canadian Information and Networking Services (CanadaInfoNet)

Canada InfoNet is an online forum providing mentoring and access to resources and other services that help internationally educated, business and trades people integrate into Canadian society and find jobs in their chosen profession.

Career Counselling Multicultural Immigrant Groups (NATCON 2003)

In this paper, the author focuses on the barriers faced by recent immigrants as they attempt to establish themselves in the Canadian labour force. The main purpose of this paper is to acquaint readers with the cultural issues which influence the career behaviour of recent immigrants. The author discusses the assessment of issues as worldview, cultural work values, immigrants’ identity formation and acculturation, language, and prior learning recognition with implications for career counselling immigrants. These issues are presented within a counselling model which views cultural issues as an important part of the counselling process.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada

This link connects to the Citizenship and Immigration site page for skilled immigrants to Canada. The site explains the minimum requirements required to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker. The site also contains a test to test language skill in English and/or French as well as a test to determine if you qualify as a skilled worker.

CPC Awards of Excellence: Outstanding Canadian Resume Contributor – Internationally Educated Professional IEP

This award recognizes outstanding strategic resume writing abilities such that set the writer and/or strategist apart from other contributors.

Cross Cultural Communication in the Workplace

This course focuses primarily on communication challenges that can arise when orienting, onboarding and developing new talent. While communication is a key factor in every aspect of the employee life cycle, this module focuses primarily on communication challenges that can arise when orienting, onboarding and developing new talent.

Estimating Canada’s Future Immigration Needs

The report examines Canada’s immigration needs in light of the federal government’s public consultations asking the question, “What is the appropriate level of immigration for Canada?” 

Government of Canada – Services for Youth

This Government of Canada contains useful information for youths, ranging from career planning and financial advice to educational options and major life events. Special sections for unemployed youths, aboriginal youths, youth with disabilities, newcomers, etc.


This site answers the question “Why Hire Immigrants?” It was designed to assist you – the hiring decision makers and business leaders who drive Canada’s economy – to source, select, develop and welcome skilled immigrants as creative contributors to your workforce.

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