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Create an Expert LinkedIn Profile for Job Search

Canadian settlement sector’s first MOOC course – Create an Expert LinkedIn Profile for Job Search. The course is designed with new Canadians in mind and also geared to people who are preparing to move to Canada.

The connected classroom: How Canadians see the evolution of education

A new report details Canadian beliefs and attitudes about the future of education. Most respondents were satisfied that the education system prepares them well for what they are doing today or will do in the future. However, respondents were divided when asked about flexible learning arrangements and technology. 33% said that the education system was “Good/Excellent” at allowing them to learn at their own pace, and 34% said it was “Good/Excellent” at adjusting to their individual learning styles and needs. 33% said that the education system was “Good/Excellent” at using technology as a learning tool, while 35% said it was “Poor.” 78% agreed that “universities & colleges should be incorporating more digital education.” 77% said they would consider taking a massive open online course (MOOC) as part of their PSE, and 79% agreed that “a MOOC outperforms traditional learning by being more flexible.”

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