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Dinner Guests

Overview: An Icebreaker to get the participants to identify their favourite characters or people they would like to be with. 

Group Garbage

Purpose: Problem solving, group building. 

Handling The Unexpected Exercise

Imagine you are delivering a presentation to a group of 15 people, when the ‘unexpected’ happens. How do you handle these situations?

My N.A.M.E.

This is… An activity in which participants introduce themselves by presenting their first names as acronyms. The purpose is… Everyone knows everyone else’s name and some interesting things about each other. That information may prompt some small talk later. 

Post-it Introductions

Purpose: Ice Breaker. Materials: Post-it or other paper note sheets that are easily distributed. 

The 10 Fingers Ice Breaker Game

The Ten Fingers Ice Breaker Game is best if you use at least eight (8) people. However, this game can most definitely play with less. Ten Fingers is a great way for people to learn more about one another as well as find out what they have in common with other people.

Word Power

An activity to demonstrate that a group can achieve a better result than individuals working alone. Overview Participants are asked to develop a list individually, then in syndicates, then as a whole seminar. The exercise focuses on the progressive increase in results as more become involved. 

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