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Dinner Guests

Overview: An Icebreaker to get the participants to identify their favourite characters or people they would like to be with. 

Do You Remember?

Overview: This activity is perfect for reminding interviewers how important observation, remembering, note-taking, and group sharing is to the interviewing process. This activity, adapted from a childhood party game, is a quick, yet effective way to make these points.

Facts of My Life

In a Nutshell: Employees take turns telling stories about themselves – only parts of which are true. This is a great icebreaker for a group whose members are not familiar with one another; it also works well as a fun energizer for employers do know each other fairly well.

One Word Conversation – Communication is more than words

Procedure Ask the audience how many of them believe that they could hold a meaningful conversation using a single two letter word. Explain that you believe that they all could after less than one minute’s coaching. Seek a volunteer to assist with the demonstration.

Question Cup

Objectives: Icebreakers/Warmups Group Size: Small, Medium, Large Materials: Index Cards Cup (a Box hat or other container may also be used)

Shell Exploration

This activity allows a group to use its creativity while working together. The game tests imagination, and challenges members to come up with a solution by using methods they may not normally employ. 

Song Battle

Objectives: Icebreakers/Warmups, Communication 

Team Gutters

Team Gutters provides a fun and creative way to help participants establish which actions help and hinder effective team functioning.

Word Power

An activity to demonstrate that a group can achieve a better result than individuals working alone. Overview Participants are asked to develop a list individually, then in syndicates, then as a whole seminar. The exercise focuses on the progressive increase in results as more become involved. 

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