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ABCs of Me

You have been hired by the Creative Classroom Company to illustrate a poster to help children learn their ABCs. By happy coincidence, you and your first name are the subject of the poster! 

Leadership Advice from Your Role Model

Today, when I searched Amazon for books on leadership, I had to deal with a potential list of 15,483 items. I am sure that this number will swell tomorrow because writing and publishing books with leadership advice is a growth industry. 

Made to Order

In a Nutshell This is a fun, creative activity in which employees write their job descriptions in the style of a retail catalog. The activity helps employees to focus on the positive aspects of their jobs and on the value they bring to the organization.

Mind Reader

Ask everyone in the group to: Pick a number between 1 and 10 and keep it secret. Multiply this number by 9. If this number has 2 digits, add them together.

My N.A.M.E.

This is… An activity in which participants introduce themselves by presenting their first names as acronyms. The purpose is… Everyone knows everyone else’s name and some interesting things about each other. That information may prompt some small talk later. 

Story of My Life

You have just been given a contract to write your autobiography for a major publishing company. Your agent Harry Hardnose is anxious to get to press. He has decided to help you get started with a few probing questions. 

Three Truths and a Lie

Purpose: Ice-breaker and introduction tool. This is particularly useful when you have a group of people who already know each other or have been working together for a while. It can be used with a new group as well.

Time Capsule

This is a good exercise for practising reaching consensus and for team members to understand each other’s values.

Time Value

Time is money. This game helps players make sure that their time and money are well spent.

Weighed and Measured

Purpose: Many workshop participants attend training and, while having good intentions about using the learned skills, only sporadically apply the learning when they are back on the job because they are not really convinced of the need to change.

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