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A Family Affair: The Impact of Paying for College or University

Prepared by: Fred Hemingway Consulting and Kathryn McMullen, Canadian Policy Research Networks June 2004

Assessing Canada’s Student Aid Need Assessment Policies

Written by: Fred Hemingway (Fred Hemingway Consulting) March 2003

Canada’s Tuition and Education Tax Credits

Prepared by: Christine Neill May, 2007

Canadian College Student Finances (2001-2002)

Written by: R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. March 2003

Canadian College Student Finances: Second Edition

Prepared by: Prairie Research Associates December 2003

Canadian College Student Finances: Third Edition

Prepared by: Prairie Research Associates April 2005

CIBC Poll: Short on Savings, Canada’s 50-Somethings plan to retire at age 63 – and keep working

A new CIBC poll of Canadians in the heart of the baby boom (aged 50-59) shows that while retirement is just around the corner for many, they have come up short on their savings goals and plan to supplement their income by working in retirement. 

Does Money Matter? II


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