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A Counselor’s Guide to Career Assessment Instruments – 6th Edition

A Counselor’s Guide to Career Assessment Instruments continues to be an exemplary resource for counselors, career development facilitators, school counselors, and other career development professionals working in college career centers, agencies, and schools. The 6th edition of this text maintains the key features of previous editions with reviews of instruments and chapters by leading experts in the field. The updated edition has over 70 reviews and now includes qualitative/alternative approaches to standardized assessments. Chapters cover topics such as multicultural considerations in career assessment, selecting a career assessment, and career assessment standards and competencies for practitioners. The book provides brief descriptions and information on over 300 additional instruments. A useful matrix provides a useful cross-reference to search for instruments based on the purpose of the instruments and the population best to use it.  The only publication of its kind, the 6th edition of A Counselor’s Guide to Career Assessment Instruments provides the most organized, practical, and comprehensive guide to the effective selection and use of career assessment instruments.

A New Kind of Student Aid: Creating, Implementing and Assessing the Millennium Access Bursaries

Written by: Joseph Berger This research note discusses three questions surrounding the access bursary initiative. First, why should governments provide grants specifically for low-income and other underrepresented groups of students? Second, what can we learn from the manner in which the millennium access bursaries were implemented? And third, how are income-based grant recipients different from need-based grant beneficiaries?

Ability Explorer Overview

Video tutorial on the use of abilities assessment test for career professionals.

Academic Transition Tool

Online Academic Transition Tool designed to help students select a career / major that REALLY motivates them and choose a college or university that meets their distinctive learning preferences and behavioral style. Our program includes a comprehensive behavioral profile and interest inventory to help students make better academic and campus life decisions.

Assessment Component to Career Counselling

The ACCC model is a client-centred approach to employment counseling. Based on the ACEC model used in the past by the Federal government as well as the work of Dr. Philip Patsula, ACCC ensures that clients will get exactly what they need at any given point in time. This method allows clients to walk away with an action plan that they have personally bought into because they created it with their counsellor’s guidance. Counsellors work with each client in a non-judgmental, consistent manner thereby increasing and enhancing the level of customer service.

Assessment Guide for Career and Guidance Counselling

  Assessment activities are key components of career and guidance counsellor practice, regardless of their specific area of activity. In view of the modernization of professional practices in the mental health and human relations sectors and the revised scopes of practice, the Ordre des conseillers et conseillères d’orientation du Québec (OCCOQ) produced this Guide to offer career and guidance counsellors a frame of reference for assessment practices. This includes information as well as guiding principles to help clarify career and guidance counsellor assessment practices.

Career Key Canada | Tests & Website

The Career Key test is one of the few professional-quality career tests on the Internet. The results of scientific studies show that it measures what it is supposed to; as experts say, it has validity. This is not true for virtually all of the career tests, sorters, profilers, and quizzes on the web.

Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP)

A broad-based credential for professionals who work or manage in one of the following areas: assessing performance needs, designing training, facilitating training, supporting transfer of learning or evaluating training. Based on exam on the application, practices and principles of the five core competency areas: assessing performance needs, designing training, facilitating training, supporting transfer of learning and evaluating training. Minimum four years’ full-time experience required.

Employment Readinesss Scale ™ (ERS)

This web-based client self-assessment tool measures 9 readiness factors plus 30 common client challenges. Agency reports provide aggregate information on client needs, client changes over time, and intervention effectiveness. Licensing fee applicable.

Jackson Vocational Interest Survey

This website is an on-line version of the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey. This test helps to define an individual’s interests in terms of actual career possibilities as well as providing additional career exploration resources. (paying)

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