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Active Listening Exercise

Purpose: A group exercise highlighting active listening skills. 

Getting Fear in Gear

Purpose: To illustrate what happens when fear of change or fear of rejection leads our lives or determines our actions. 

Have You Ever?

Have You Ever? Active, fun group activity to explore and celebrate the rich diversity of people’s past experiences.  Works well with large groups. Equipment: None. Can be done indoor or outdoor. Time: ~10-15 minutes

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk Objective: To break the ice in a group of strangers, or merely to illustrate one’s use of gestures and how natural these gestures are to us in verbal communication. This exercise can also demonstrate that verbal communication may become awkward for us when nonverbal gestures or actions are prohibited.

Mistake Mastery

Purpose: To promote safe risk-taking and to remove stigma from making minor mistakes. 

Recalling Body Parts

We often forget things that we are very familiar with, don’t we? How many parts of the body can you name, in polite company, using three letter words? Learning Point: When under pressure it is often difficult to recall things that we know quite well. 

Stomped On Blues

Source: Emily Sylvester’s “A Book of Surprises: Games, Stories and Magic for Career Practitioners” 

Super Model Exercise

Super Model Exercise: Ice breaker or energizer. Great for laughs and relaxation. Shedding of status and roles.

The Value Auction

Purpose: To help priorize values. It also illustrates how a person reacts to competition, and any impact that may have on values.

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