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Brandon University – The First Nations and Aboriginal Counselling Program

This First Nations and Aboriginal Degree Program in Counselling was first proposed by the Manitoba Aboriginal Educational Counsellors Association to Brandon University. It was formulated using First Nations and Aboriginal holistic approaches to counselling, healing and community.

Canadian Career Development Research 2005-2016

Topics covered include: School-to-work transitions, Culture-infused counselling, Aboriginal approaches,

Colin Wasacase Scholarship (ONECA)

A $1000.00 scholarship will be awarded annually to an aboriginal (status, Non‐status, Métis and Inuit) Post Secondary COLLEGE student and to a (Status, Non‐status, Metis and Inuit) post‐secondary UNIVERSITY student, who have successfully completed their first year in a full‐time program in the field of counselling.

Community Café

Through programs that promote healthy development in Spirit, Mind, and Body, the YMCA aims to provide youth with the opportunities for betterment in their own lives. The YMCA Community Café is doing just that, as it is a project executed by youth wanting to develop transferable skills and gain practical work experience. This Café is an initiative which teaches practical skills to those involved- preparing them with they employability skills that they will use their entire lives. The Café engages youth in a project in which they can take ownership, be dependable and be proud of their accomplishments.

Government of Saskatchewan – Public Service Commission

Staffing Consultant. Offer services to aboriginal and youth

Huronia Area Aboriginal Management Board

The Huronia Area Aboriginal Management Board offers career and employment services to Aboriginal clients.

Learning Disabilities in the Workplace

Topics covered include: Workplace bullying, Dyslexia and ADD, Accommodation,

Lokken Career Training

Lokken Career Training began operations in 1987 with a vision to provide quality training and employment services to help individuals succeed in achieving increased independence. For over 18 years Lokken has provided successful, results-based, training in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. We are proud to be an industry leader in career and employment training for clients of Federal and Provincial Governments as well as Aboriginal Agencies.

National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation

The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (NAAF) is a nationally registered non-profit organization devoted to excellence and to providing the tools necessary for Aboriginal youth to achieve brighter futures. NAAF encourages and empowers Aboriginal young people by providing important career planning information, by connecting youth with industry and by providing financial support for post-secondary studies in all disciplines.

SAY Magazine

SAY (Spirit of Aboriginal Youth) Magazine and companion Web site: is the only national lifestyle magazine for and about Aboriginal youth in Canada. Non-political, status blind, with no profanities etc., SAY’s subscription program and Classroom Kit have become very popular with educators.

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