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This section links to websites that provide information about workforce recruitment and development, including search and selection, training and talent management. If you know of an interesting website that does not figure in the listings below, you are welcome to add it by clicking on the “Add a listing” button.

A vision for a healthy campus recruitment ecosystem in Canada

As Canada’s population ages and Baby Boomers retire, healthy campus recruiting and retention will play an increasingly crucial role in balancing our labour issues and growing Canada’s economy.

Advancing Workplace Learning

We have all heard about the impact of changing demographics and increasing skills requirements on businesses and employees. We know the skills demanded within workplaces will continue to change and this can create skills gaps. Advancing Workplace Learning (AWL) is about helping employers find manageable ways to develop their own skills and the skills of their workforce. Employers can enhance workplace practices through Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills (WLES).

Online career action planning series of training courses to help the user where they currently work to acquire career self resiliency and empowerment, self determined next career action steps.

Better Way Alliance: Better Way to Build the Economy

Championing a good jobs strategy for the bottom line of our organizations and the health of Canada’s economy. As employers, we know first-hand that thoroughly engaged employees make a big difference. They give small businesses a competitive-advantage. They make small and medium-sized organizations more productive by lowering costs associated with staff turnover. Household spending and consumer confidence are pillars of our economy – everyone does better when people have disposable income and time to call their own. And we’ve seen what happens to our businesses and organizations – and to the local economy, when decent jobs disappear from our communities. That’s why investing in our employees is not only an investment in the long-term success of our companies – it’s an investment in our community and the whole Canadian economy. It just makes good business sense.

Bright Ideas: Crowd-sourcing solutions to improve youth employment in Canada

Bright Ideas is a new initiative by TalentEgg that aims to crowd-source solutions to improve youth employment in Canada. Submit your own idea or vote for others’ to help us improve the youth employment situation.

Buildforce Canada Web Site

The BuildForce Canada website includes on-line tools and resources directed at employers, Aboriginal individuals and communities for recruitment of Aboriginal peoples in the construction trade. Resources include a self-directed workbook for Aboriginal youth, “How to Present your Skills and Experience to the Construction Industry: A Workbook for Aboriginal People”, which includes an ES-based self-assessment tool.

Bullying in the Workplace: A handbook for the workplace

This booklet provides practical suggestions for the employer,supervisor and worker to participate in the reduction of bullying in the workplace.

Burnout Test

You have 100 things to do by tomorrow. The pressure is mounting, expectations are high, and the phone won’t stop ringing. Are you sailing along smoothly, or are you heading towards a meltdown? Burnout is on the rise in modern society due to increasing workloads, longer work hours, lack of sleep, and pressure to balance work, family and a social life. More and more workers are taking time off on stress leave…and you don’t want to be next! Find out whether you are at risk with this burnout test.

Campus Recruitment 360 by TalentEgg

Ideas, how-tos and best practices for excellence in campus recruitment

Campus Recruitment 360 by TalentEgg

Campus Recruitment 360 by TalentEgg is a resource hub and community for campus recruiters and HR professionals where you can learn and share ideas, tips, tricks and best practices for excellence in campus recruitment.

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