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ABC Life Literacy Canada

ABC Life Literacy Canada is a non-profit organization that inspires Canadians to increase their literacy skills. We connect and mobilize business, unions, government, communities and individuals to support lifelong learning and achieve our goals through leadership in programs, communications and partnerships. ABC Life Literacy Canada envisions a Canada where everyone has the skills they need to live a fully engaged life.

Aboriginal Essential Skills Guiding Team

The guiding team is a volunteer network of Aboriginal organizations that share information and work jointly to support a broader understanding of Essential Skills (ES) and its potential to raise Aboriginal Peoples’ skill levels. The team works to: build capacity; deliver quality ES programming within their service areas; increase awareness related to ES; provide information regarding best practices, program models and materials and resources for the delivery and integration of ES into Aboriginal or mainstream employment and training programming.

Aboriginal Literacy and Essential Skills Pilot Project

The Aboriginal Literacy and Essential Skills (ALES) Pilot Project was a three year community-based initiative that assisted First Nations communities on southern Vancouver Island and their citizens in developing a learning vision and set of pathways that are culturally relevant and reflective of customized community literacy and essential skills needs, interests and priorities.

Advancing Workplace Learning

We have all heard about the impact of changing demographics and increasing skills requirements on businesses and employees. We know the skills demanded within workplaces will continue to change and this can create skills gaps. Advancing Workplace Learning (AWL) is about helping employers find manageable ways to develop their own skills and the skills of their workforce. Employers can enhance workplace practices through Workplace Literacy and Essential Skills (WLES).

An Aboriginal Essential Skills Journey: Planting the Seeds for Growth

The Aboriginal Essential Skills Journey workshop resources are designed to introduce the concept of Essential Skills to learners and support ES integration into the work of educators, trainers, counsellors. The two day workshop toolkit includes a Facilitator’s Guide and Participant Workbook in both French and English. These workshop materials have been produced anticipating the needs of educators, workplace trainers and facilitators. They are useful in their own contexts and can be downloaded for free. Format and content reflect an Aboriginal worldview.

Buildforce Canada Web Site

The BuildForce Canada website includes on-line tools and resources directed at employers, Aboriginal individuals and communities for recruitment of Aboriginal peoples in the construction trade. Resources include a self-directed workbook for Aboriginal youth, “How to Present your Skills and Experience to the Construction Industry: A Workbook for Aboriginal People”, which includes an ES-based self-assessment tool.

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education

CFEE was established in 1974 in the belief that it is important for Canadians, and especially young Canadians, to develop the “functional economic capability” to undertake decisions and actions in their economic lives with confidence and competence. CFEE aims to identify, and help impart, the fundamental concepts of economics, enterprise, entrepreneurship, and personal finance that must be factored into the decisions and actions we face in our day-to-day lives.

Canadian Literacy and Learning Network

Canadian Literacy and Learning Network is the national hub for research, information and knowledge exchange, increasing literacies and essential skills across Canada. CLLN, a non-profit charitable organization, represents literacy coalitions, organizations and individuals in every province and territory in Canada. We share knowledge, engage partners and stakeholders and build awareness to advance literacy and learning across Canada. We believe that literacy and learning should be valued – at home, in the workplace and in the community. Funded by—and working in consultation with—Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, we provide leadership, knowledge and expertise about literacy and essential skills, while developing partnerships with stakeholders across Canada.

CAPACITY PLUS: Organizational Capacity Resource Guide for Ontario’s Community Literacy Agencies

This resource is designed to assist agencies to further develop, strengthen and showcase their organizational capacity. It contains tools, sample policies, checklists, and resources to help nonprofit organizations in areas of risk management, financial management, human resource management, customer service, and more.

Contact North/Contact Nord

A non profit organization providing access to education and training opportunities to individuals in remote communities and locations.

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