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The training opportunities listed in this section are offered on demand only for a group, for instance for the staff at your agency. Please communicate with the organization responsible for the training opportunities for more information on availability, cost, etc.

Managing Effectively in Challenging Times

Being an effective manager involves inspiring people to want to do their jobs well. This fully-customizable three-day session provides managers with the critical people skills required to manage employees effectively, covering topics such as motivation, coaching, change leadership, constructive discipline, understanding generational differences, collaboration and more.


Excellent for sales professionals, sales teams, entrepreneurs and solo-practitioners. Individuals and teams with high levels of motivations increase sales, reduce turnover and strive to reach stretch goals. When an individual or a team has a high degree of motivation, they are creative and innovative in reaching their goals. Their efforts and enthusiasm raise the bar for everyone around them.    In this workshop participants learn techniques to maintain a positive mindset, to motivate themselves and how to overcome the fear of failure. Participants learn how to put their current circumstances in perspective in order to refocus their efforts and energies towards building momentum and reaching their goals. The skills learned in this workshop help you stay focused as you build and expand your accounts.

Performance Appraisal for Non-Profit Human Service Organizations

Performance appraisals can positively contribute to an organization and its programs with the right appraisal questions, the right tools and the right delivery.  This workshop, specially designed for non-profit organizations, presents practical, step-by-step guidelines on all three of these critical aspects of performance appraisal.

Personality Dimensions Level 1 Certification

Personality Dimensions® is the latest evolution in presenting Personality Temperament Theory. It builds on research conducted in Canada over a 10-year period, as well as the work of Carl Jung, David Keirsey, and Linda Berens, and a history of Temperament spanning 25 centuries. It is used for career decision making, team building, conflict resolution and so much more. This three-day program will certify you to use this instrument with your clients.

Personality Dimensions®

Personality Dimensions® is a dynamic system that is a culmination of the research and validation work that has been done in Canada since 2003, to support temperament theory and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem and effective communication strategies. Personality Dimensions® is based on leading-edge research into human motivation and behaviour, and helps to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments. This interactive human relations and communications process enhances the basic values of self-esteem, dignity and self-worth.

Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier

The Ontario Human Rights Commission offers a free eLearning course on removing the “Canadian experience” barrier in employment, and rights and responsibilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code. In this 3-part eLearning course, you will learn: When the “Canadian Experience” barrier is discriminatory What constitutes a legitimate employment requirement How to meet your organizational responsibility under the Code What to do if you experience discrimination

The Art of Managing Your Career Workshop for Aboriginal Artists

The Cultural Human Resources Council’s (CHRC) The Art of Managing Your Career (TAMYC)  Workshop for Aboriginal Artists teaches business skills to self-employed Aboriginal artists in the context of their unique worldview and perspective. The resource includes 135 slides, a Trainer’s Guide and a Participant’s Workbook. More information about TAMYC for Aboriginal and Nunavut artists is available on the CHRC website

The Sound of Silence

Great workshop for sales professionals, health care practitioners, mental health practitioners, leaders, managers Silence often makes people uncomfortable. Culturally, we’re told that it’s not polite to have moments of silences in conversations. Silence is communication. The silence itself is telling us something and a person who understands that silence has more information, can make a better decision and is more aware of what those around them are really saying and feeling. Silences allow others to think and reflect.

Thiagi’s Interactive Training Workshop

The best way to improve your training and public speaking is to encourage participants to interact with each other, with the content, and with you, the facilitator. This unique workshop will teach you the five secrets of effective interactive training that is faster, cheaper and more effective. During the workshop, you will rapidly explore different training strategies such as: structured sharing, frame games, interactive lectures, debriefs, textra games, simulation games, improv, jolts, and all sorts of other tips and techniques to help you engage your audience.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Our training objective is to help people in your organization communicate better and resolve their own conflicts in more positive ways. We offer training that helps staff learn to communicate more effectively, resolve conflict, deal with angry people, facilitate groups, and mediate disputes. Our customized training is personalized for your staff and organization.

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