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The training opportunities listed in this section are offered on demand only for a group, for instance for the staff at your agency. Please communicate with the organization responsible for the training opportunities for more information on availability, cost, etc.

Advanced Employment Counselling Techniques

This workshop teaches attendees advanced counselling strategies and techniques that build on their current skills and experiences. It focuses on how these strategies and techniques can be used to more effectively navigate the employment counselling process and meet a wide range of client needs.

Assessment Component to Career Counselling

The ACCC model is a client-centred approach to employment counseling. Based on the ACEC model used in the past by the Federal government as well as the work of Dr. Philip Patsula, ACCC ensures that clients will get exactly what they need at any given point in time. This method allows clients to walk away with an action plan that they have personally bought into because they created it with their counsellor’s guidance. Counsellors work with each client in a non-judgmental, consistent manner thereby increasing and enhancing the level of customer service.

Below the Waterline: Understanding Business Intelligence Within ES

This training will provide senior managers and decision makers with critical insight into the development and implementation of a Business Intelligence framework within an Employment Service SDS.

Building Capacity to Effectively Collaborate

In an environment where there is increasing pressure on the non-profit sector to work together, organizations often commit to collaborations on the fly without taking the time to make thoughtful and informed decisions.  The objective of this workshop (offered in a half-day or full-day format) is to ensure that staff at all levels develop the skills that they need to navigate strategic and effective collaborations with other organizations.

Conflict Communication

Excellent workshop for team leaders, teams, project managers, managers, health care professionals, union representatives, human resource professionals, and company owners. Teams that handle conflict productively have higher rates of productivity, are more productive, and are more pro-active. Instead of waiting until a problem becomes a disaster, a team that effectively addresses conflict has high levels of trust in each other, and are more likely to address the issue quickly and professionally. When conflict is addressed in a healthy manner, team members are energised, empowered and engaged. In this workshop participants learn techniques to reduce conflict through quietening their inner voice to really listen, attentive listening and getting to the meaning of the communication.

Create an Expert LinkedIn Profile for Job Search

Canadian settlement sector’s first MOOC course – Create an Expert LinkedIn Profile for Job Search. The course is designed with new Canadians in mind and also geared to people who are preparing to move to Canada.

E-Services and Employment Service

As the EO Employment Services model begins to reach full maturity, there will be an increased need for service providers to modernize service delivery by fully implementing Web based self serve systems. This training provides the knowledge and skills required to successfully execute self-serve employment systems of today.

Enhancing Job Retention by Teaching Clients Self-Mentoring Skills

Self-mentoring is a term Dr. Adam Lodzinski has used over the past ten years through his work with individuals undergoing career transition. In essence, self-mentoring is the art of stepping back in order to look within and thereby navigate change from the inside-out.

Integration Training provide a hole range of training course in Brighton, London and Birmingham, The company has been trading for several years and have built up a very respectable training business. The company specialists in stress management, leadership and management training.

Make the Change that’s Going to Make the Difference: How to Design Effective Programs

The purpose of this workshop is to present what participants need to know and do to effectively propose, design, or re-design programs.  It addresses how to select and implement evidence-based/informed program models and provides a clear and detailed framework for addressing the most challenging aspects of the process.

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