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These bibliographies, compiled by CERIC staff, are organized around various themes in career development and can be used by researchers in the field. They feature comprehensive listings of key research and articles in various areas of career development, highlighting critical points of current knowledge.

Aboriginal Issues in Career Development/Counselling

Topics covered include: Demographic issues, Isolated communities, Access to higher education,

Assessment Tools for Career Development

Topics covered include: Measurement and evaluation of different self-assessment tools Development of assessment tools using new technology Assessment in career guidance with youth

Canadian Career Development Research 2005-2016

Topics covered include: School-to-work transitions, Culture-infused counselling, Aboriginal approaches,

Career Counselling Competencies

Topics covered include: Multicultural competencies; Career counsellor training; Critical and essential competencies;

Career Development and Entrepreneurialism

Topics covered include: Entrepreneurship and growth, Attitude of youth towards entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and innovation,

Career Development and Social Justice

Topics covered include: Socially fair employability; Democratic approaches to career education; Social justice needs of different types of clients;

Career Development Challenges Facing Immigrants

Topics covered include: Educational attainment, Post-secondary education, Bridging programs,

Career Development Theories and Career Management Models

Topics covered include: Chaos theory, Holland’s theory of vocational decisions, Career construction,

Coaching and Career Development

Topics covered include: Organizational capability, Personal and executive coaching, Performance improvement,

Corporate Social Responsibility

Topics covered include: Social responsibility and business sustainability Social responsibility and branding Social responsibility and community partnerships Business ethics and corporate social responsibility The role of millennials in social responsibility Impact on national and international businesses

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