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(Episode 3) Employer Engagement – How to Maximize its Value

On this episode of Innovating Employment, Angela Hoyt, President and founder of Evolution Group, joins the program to discuss effective approaches to organizational development and employer engagement strategies for service providers – including common challenges/misconceptions, examples of success stories, and tips to consider in your day to day practice. Access the Podcast

A Discussion With Experts: Addressing the Challenges of Career Educators in North America

Career Cruising hosted an online event with some of the most respected names in the world of career development. They discussed the challenges facing career educators, practical coping strategies, and implementation plans with concrete examples.

AI & The Future Of Work in Canada

There’s no question that as artificial intelligence, robotics, and digitization expand into the  workplace, it will have a major impact on the way Canadians work. Given we’re not all machine learning PhDs, how is the typical Canadian student or worker meant to prepare for automation? How will they be supported in navigating the rapid changes that increased workplace automation will bring? In this episode of the Ask AI Podcast podcast, Dr. Elissa Strome talks about how the $125M Pan-Canadian AI Strategy (and the $1B commitment to develop five “supercluster” regions of excellence) will help Canada retain key talent at the top levels of AI research. Listen

Are short-term jobs the new normal?

On Oct. 22, federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau commented that Canadians should get used to what he called “job churn” — short-term employment that may include a number of career changes. Morneau was clear that short-term contracts and high career turnover would continue to define young people’s careers and says the government needs to prepare for it. “It’s going to happen. We have to accept that.”

Are unpaid internships a good way to get a start in the job market?

Internships: A string of stories have surfaced over the past months about overwork, exploitation and even death among young interns eager to break into their chosen line of work. What do you think? Is it on-the-job training or exploitation? Are unpaid internships a good way to get a start in the job market?

Career management – what’s it all about?

  An interview of Wayne Pagani by Pierrette Raymond, for the Moving Forward Matters podcast. Some of the questions asked included: What are some of your tips for those going through a transition in their careers or businesses? What are some of the elements people need to know? Where do people come up short? What’s happening with baby boomers and their careers? What should people consider when thinking about a career change? What are some of the trends for careers for the future?

Career Resiliency for Women: Podcast With Lynn Schmidt and Kevin Nourse

In this podcast, Sue Kaiden, Career Development Community manager, interviews Lynn Schmidt and Kevin Nourse, authors of Shift Into Thrive: Six Strategies for Women to Unlock the Power of Resiliency, about resiliency and women in the workplace. Listen to the podcast to learn the basics about resiliency and discover suggested actions that women can take to address issues they encounter in the workplace. In the podcast Lynn and Kevin answer questions such as: What is unique about women and resiliency? How does it differ for women versus men? What progress has occurred over the last few years regarding women and gender issues in the workplace? What are the biggest challenges women face today in the workplace? Why is there a negative bias toward strong women who are seeking—or are in—leadership roles? How can women navigate these biases? How do women stay emotionally strong during challenges?

Careers by Design: The Interviews

How do people decide what careers to pursue? In this podcast, hear from scientists, entertainers, business people, academics, politicians, and everyone in between about how they designed paths that were right for them. Careers by Design: The Interviews is hosted and produced by Sharon Belden Castonguay, EdD, Director of the Gordon Career Center at Wesleyan University. Listen

Does Canada need a national jobs strategy?

Matching skills to jobs: As the federal government negotiates with the provinces over how best to steer workers to jobs, businesses in some sectors and regions of Canada cannot find skilled workers. Does Canada need a national jobs strategy that integrates education, industry and immigration?

From Corporate Layoffs to Consulting Payoffs with Vicki McCullough [Podcast]

In this episode, Marc interviews his good friend, Vicki McCullough. Vicki has more than 20 years of corporate experience in marketing, communications, sales, and account management. She is the Founder and President of Sequitur Marketing, a marketing consulting business she launched in 2013. Sequitur Marketing focuses on working with professional and consulting services firms to help them budget their resources, including time and energy. It’s logical marketing steps that generate desired results. Vicki is also the part-time Executive Director of Metropolitan Breakfast Club. She is also an active community supporter, enjoys working with nonprofit boards, committees, and volunteer efforts. Vicki is a very resilient, but reluctant, solopreneur, a story that will probably be played out over and over again by Baby Boomers who move into entrepreneurship in the second half of life. Marc and Vicki discuss several topics, including Vicki’s background and experience, how it took years to decide to start on her own, what she has learned as a solopreneur, and how she keeps her job interesting.   Access the recording

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