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“Real Talk” Student App

Real Talk is an exciting career app for students. Getting into the workforce continues to be a big challenge for many young people in Canada. After talking to students across Canada about what they need, to help them make choices about post-secondary options, The Learning Partnership wanted to add value in a unique way. Our latest innovation Real Talk, is a career app which reaches out to students where they spend a lot of time: in social media.

A-Z Career Coach

Career Coach A-Z – is your ready made, easily accessible reference guide of essential elements to consider when seeking to change jobs or progress your career in some way, shape or form. The content is designed to make you think, evaluate, research and take action to propel you towards a wonderful and exciting career.

Gratitude Journal

Assign a client to write down a few things they are grateful for, either throughout the day or at the end of the day, and rate their day overall. This could steer conversation towards the positives in a client’s life. Available on the iTunes Store.


HealthyMinds is a problem-solving tool to help deal with emotions and cope with the stresses you encounter both on and off campus. The goal: Keeping your mind healthy. Toutematête est un outil de résolution de problèmes qui t’aide à gérer tes émotions et faire face au stress sur le campus et ailleurs. L’objectif : garde ta santé tête.

Labour Market Indicators (LMI) Desktop Application

Statistics Canada is making its labour market indicators more accessible with the new LMI Desktop Application. Career practitioners can utilize the app to find national, provincial and local labour market information in order to support their clients’ job search. This app is designed to be easy-to-use with interactive maps and data comparison functions.

LinkedIn Job Search App

Did you know that applicants who apply to job opportunities on the first day they’re posted are 10% more likely to land the job? That means that if you are an active job seeker, your job search can’t stop just because you’ve stepped away from your desk.


Pinterest is a fantastic tool for curating content and knowledge for your clients (as a career practitioner or counsellor) whether they are students or adults.

Students entering the workplace App

Have you recently entered the workforce or do you know someone that has? We are currently recruiting new grads, young professionals or anyone fresh to the job market who can share their story, experience and wisdom. Launched in tandem with Take Our Kids to Work Day 2015, these profiles will be published on an interactive mobile and web app where students can search for career information and take the relevant next steps.

This is a great alternative to using ‘Twitter’ as a back channel. A back channel is a conversation that goes on during a workshop, conference or even webinar.  Simply set up a room name (it will tell you if that name is already taken) and choose how long you would like to keep the room open for: from 1 day to 1 year. Share that link and then watch the conversation unfold. I often use this at conferences or even workshops for feedback as often not everyone I work with has Twitter.

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