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This section lists facilitation tools. They can be ice-breakers or activities that can be included in a workshop or a presentation. You are welcome to add your favourite facilitation tools to this list!

One Of My Favourite Things

Purpose: Ice Breaker, introductions or cultural awareness. Creating an environment where it is safe for people to talk about who they are in more depth than previously.

One Word Conversation – Communication is more than words

Procedure Ask the audience how many of them believe that they could hold a meaningful conversation using a single two letter word. Explain that you believe that they all could after less than one minute’s coaching. Seek a volunteer to assist with the demonstration.


This is… An activity in which participants follow instructions to fold a sheet of paper while keeping their eyes closed. The purpose is… Participants see how instructions can be interpreted differently, and thus how clear our communications need to be. 

Post-it Introductions

Purpose: Ice Breaker. Materials: Post-it or other paper note sheets that are easily distributed. 

Question Cup

Objectives: Icebreakers/Warmups Group Size: Small, Medium, Large Materials: Index Cards Cup (a Box hat or other container may also be used)

React and Act!

React and Act! is a funny icebreaker in which players randomly select a sheet of paper that has an occurrence on it (for example, winning a million dollars in the lottery) and they must react to the occurrence using animated expressions, gestures, and words.  After a set amount of time, other players try to guess what happened that caused those reactions and actions.

Recalling Body Parts

We often forget things that we are very familiar with, don’t we? How many parts of the body can you name, in polite company, using three letter words? Learning Point: When under pressure it is often difficult to recall things that we know quite well. 

Seeding Reconciliation on Uneven Ground: The 4Rs Framework for Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Through many pathways and helping hands, the 4Rs Youth Movement has developed a detailed framework to engage Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people in cross-cultural dialogue. Our work is grounded in the idea that in order to change relationships, people need to share an experience together in order to engage in conversation that in both process and content encourages respect, reciprocity, reconciliation, and relevance. The Framework describes essential elements in this shared experience, within which such dialogue can take place. This kind of conversation involves bringing people together with significant differences, and grappling with the complexities of history and identity. The Framework is represented visually as a garden which reminds us that growth takes time. It reminds us that all of this work takes place on Indigenous land. The 4Rs approach embraces the complexities involved in cross-cultural experiences and conversations; we understand that learning is a lifelong journey, as is the journey of building and changing relationships. It is with all of this in mind that we put great thought and care into how we approach this work.

Shake Quake

Purpose: Ice Breaker, introductions, warm up for interview preparation session. Materials: none

Shell Exploration

This activity allows a group to use its creativity while working together. The game tests imagination, and challenges members to come up with a solution by using methods they may not normally employ. 

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