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This is a repertory of blogs that can be interesting for career professionals to follow. Is there one missing? Go ahead and add it to the list!

A Careers Caseload: Careers Advice in Higher Education

This blog provides articles on various subjects linked to career development.

A Guide To Finding Meaningful Work (Original Research & Findings)

If you ever thought to yourself: “There’s got to be more than this…” read on. Chances are, at some point along the way, you thought what you were doing didn’t really matter. Sometimes it’s a fleeting moment, and sometimes it festers for a while. It makes you question all your decisions, and what the future holds if you continue on this path of inconsequentiality. There comes a point when making more money, getting a promotion, or spending more on frivolous things doesn’t add any more satisfaction or happiness to your life. It’s a boiling point when you realize that you’ve been chasing someone else’s definition of success. And you start thinking “Is what I spent my life doing… worthwhile?” It turns out there a lot of us wondering the same thing. Almost every day, I meet someone who is asking the same questions, from veteran entrepreneurs and tenured professors to tradesmen and C-level leaders. View

Adventures in Career Development

This is the blog of Tristram Hooley, Reader in Career Development at the University of Derby: “I’m interested in career, career development, career guidance and career education. I’m also interested in social science research methods, learning technology and plenty more besides. I post about all of this stuff on this blog.”

ATD Career Development Blog

The Career Development Blog of the Association for Talent Development.

BCjobs Career Planning Blog

The BCjobs Career Planning Blog

Blog of the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum – Forum canadien sur l’apprentissage (CAF-FCA) is a non-profit organization that connects Canada’s apprenticeship community. Participants work collaboratively to support vibrant and innovative apprenticeship systems and policies with a view to developing a highly-skilled, inclusive and mobile skilled trades workforce. Employers, unions, equity-seeking groups, educational institutions and the jurisdictions support CAF-FCA operations through membership.

Career by Choice

By Megan Fitzgerald, Expat & International Career Coach This blog provides success tips for those interested in becoming highly visible, sought-after and landing work in today’s dynamic and digital global marketplace.

Career Counselor Technology Forum (CCTF)

2013 Career Counselor Technology Forum members are taking on the “Blogging Challenge” and sharing their ideas and experiences using technology.

Career Development Resources Blog

Find out what’s new in Career Development resources.  We also welcome guest bloggers who want to review resources, share how they are using them with clients, and success stories.   View

Career Professionals of Canada Blog

Career Professionals of Canada (CPC) is a uniquely Canadian member-driven association for career practitioners. This blog is a news feed for Canadian Career Professionals. We are working together for your career success.

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