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Workforce Insights Impacts of the Oil and Gas Downturn on the Future and Attitudes of Workers

Starting in the spring of 2017, PetroLMI undertook research to understand whether the downturn that began in late 2014 had brought about significant changes to the labour supply the oil
and gas industry draws from. The research also attempted to gather insights into what has actually happened to the tens of thousands of Canadian workers impacted by the downturn.

This research was motivated by our recent findings of a potential shortage for some oil and gas occupations, including field personnel beginning in 2017 and consequent risks, if any, to the industry’s sustainability and competitiveness.
The question we asked was: What is the risk the industry could again find itself competing for workers and engaging in bidding wars for key talent?

The recent challenges oil and gas service companies are experiencing attracting workers have already been well-documented by media and other sources. More recent consultations with
industry have confirmed that for some service companies, equipment is sitting idle because the skilled workers who are required to operate it are not available.


Date of publication: September 2017


Publisher: PetroLMI

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