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Three Truths and a Lie

Purpose: Ice-breaker and introduction tool. This is particularly useful when you have a group of people who already know each other or have been working together for a while. It can be used with a new group as well.

Materials: Paper and writing instruments

Instructions: Break the group into small groups or triads. Give them one minute for everyone to think of three statements about themselves that are true, plus one that is believable but false. Ask the person with the most colourful clothing (Person A) to begin by introducing themselves to their group, stating their name and the four statements in any order. The others will jot down the statement they think is untrue. The person to the right of Person A then introduces themselves and makes their four statements and the process is repeated until all have had a turn. The group will then share their opinions about which of Person A’s statements was false and why they believe so. Person A listens but does not yet respond. Guess the false statement for all participants in turn. Each participant in turn then reveals which statement was false and why they chose it.

Discussion Points:

  • Did you learn anything new about your fellow learners?
  • How accurate were your assumptions?
  • Could you tell when someone was lying?
  • Did you find commonalities?






Author: Mike Wills Learning Services

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