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The Digital Talent Gap: Are Companies Doing Enough?

Nearly all organizations would agree that digital talent is important and that they are aware of the digital talent gap. Our pioneering research in collaboration with LinkedIn however, suggests that although the majority of companies frequently discuss this gap, concrete action to bridge it is rarely taken. Close to 50% of the organizations we studied conceded they have not taken digital talent seriously.

To probe this issue, we undertook a worldwide, cross-sector research program in collaboration with LinkedIn. We surveyed over 1,250 people to gain the perspectives of both employees and leadership teams and we interviewed human resource and talent executives within organizations as well as digital and technology recruiters. In parallel, we worked with LinkedIn to understand demand and supply for specific digital skills and digital roles. The research methodology at the end of the report provides more detail on our approach.

With ever-increasing demand for skills, the talent gap has widened. The challenge of the digital talent gap is no longer just an HR issue; it is an organization-wide phenomenon that affects all areas of the business. The objective of this report is to guide Chief HR officers, other CXOs, and the Learning and Development (L&D) teams in addressing this challenge.

In this paper we:

1. Identify key trends and changes in the digital talent gap arena and pinpoint the digital skills and digital roles in greatest demand in “The digital talent gap is widening”
2. Assess the key challenges that are preventing organizations from bridging the talent gap by exploring employees’ views in “Key talent roadblocks: the employees’ perspective”
3. Outline the best practices we can learn from leaders in the digital talent arena in “Proactive digital talent leaders have valuable lessons to offer”
4. Recommend strategies to more effectively recruit, develop, and retain digital talent in “What can organizations do to narrow the digital talent gap? ”



Date of publication: October 2017


Publisher: Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute

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