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Retirement Ready: Partners, Pastimes and Paying the Bills (NATCON 2003)

We’ve all heard the news, and can see for ourselves, that baby boomers are aging. However, few individuals have given careful thought to what their lives might be like after they retire. Although some may have considered the financial implications of living on a fixed or limited income, most have not considered the social and emotional impact of leaving work. Career practitioners can play an important role in facilitating the transition between work and retirement. This paper explores the common challenges and concerns faced by people entering this important stage of life and provides case examples from a variety of clients: Some who are considering retirement, others who’ve chosen to fully retire, and a few who are enjoying a refreshing combination of less work and more leisure.



Author’s Bio: Roberta Neault is a counsellor practitioner/educator with extensive experience in helping others navigate significant career transitions. She has facilitated pre-retirement workshops for hundreds of corporate managers (and many of their spouses). As a financial consultant, Gerry Neault has also assisted hundreds of clients to prepare for retirement. Recently, he has chosen to join their ranks—and is thoroughly enjoying his post-corporate lifestyle. Together, Roberta and Gerry are able to help clients prepare for both the financial and social/emotional changes that retirement may bring and also help career practitioners better understand this growing segment of our population.


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