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Planning for Serendipity? Career Management for Changing Times (NATCON 2000)

Are self-managed careers really possible in times of rapid organizational and economic change? Respected career-development theorists acknowledge the gap between existing theory and the current realities of the world of work. Many emerging career-development theories and models address the need for career planning that is flexible enough to accommodate unexpected or serendipitous events?proactive yet adaptable. This article reviews several of those theories and models and introduces the notion of “career responsiveness” to describe effective career management in these times of unprecedented change.


Author’s Bio: Roberta Neault, M.A., CCC, RRP, draws from over two decades of eclectic experience as a counsellor, counsellor educator, career-management instructor, and corporate consultant, bringing a unique perspective to the challenges of managing careers within the changing world of work. She is currently completing doctoral research on career management in changing organizations.


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