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Needs Assessment

Ask attendees to imagine that today is the day they’ve finished their team project. The task successfully completed, you are all now lifting a glass of champagne to celebrate a job well done. Each person is now to describe, one by one, what they most enjoyed about the project, as well as what they got out of the experience personally.

The point: By “looking back” at a successful outcome and the steps that led us there, we are in essence describing our “ideal scenario” – what we really want to create. Just as teams possess task, group and individual Roles, so do they possess task, group and individual Needs. This “reverse visioning” exercise sheds light, in a very positive manner, on what each of your team members might need to experience in order to feel personally satisfied with the project.

Note: this exercise works just as well as a needs-assessment for a training session. Ask participants at the beginning of the training to imagine that it’s the end of the day and they’ve had an amazing, meaningful and “impactful” time together. Now it’s time to look back, reflect and celebrate all that they’ve learned and achieved from the day.

Participants will tell you exactly what they’d like to learn and experience. Try it!



Author: David Blum

Source: Activity contributed by: Dave Blum President, Dr. Clue Treasure Hunts

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