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Encourage Mints and Accomplish Mints

Purpose: Ice Breaker, energizer or motivator.

Materials: mints, wrappers and quotations

Instructions: Encourage Mints or Accomplish Mints can be any type of mint wrapped in a paper printed with an appropriate quotation or saying, or they can be placed in a baggy with the quote or otherwise distributed as a unit.

Prepare the mints prior to your session, selecting quotes, encouragement, tips or hints which are appropriate to the theme or focus of the session. Suggested sources for quotes:

  •   books which use quotes throughout such as
  • Cultivating True Livelihood, by Denise Bissonnette
  • Becoming Courageous & Outrageous: A Joyous Journey, by Pat Nichol
  • Tango: Dance of Self-Discovery: Fun & Simple Steps to Passionate Partnerships & Soulful Living, by Katherine Carol
  •    quotation sites such as
  •  listservs or newsletters which include regular quotations such as careerpronews
  •   Distribute the mints as rewards for volunteering, for suggestions, correct answers etc.
  •  Quotes may be read aloud and used for discussions, or they may be privately read.

Discussion Points:

  •  Discussions on positive attitudes, support systems or the tips or hints which were the content.


  •  Accomplish Mints could be given to the entire class, as a closing exercise or appreciation.
  •   Fortune Cookies could be made instead of using mints. (Commercial fortune cookie makers will make inserts to specifications, but they usually require a large order. You can also make them yourself.)
  • Have the class find the quotes, assemble and distribute them to each other.

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