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Either Or

This is another great exercise for helping larger groups of people to get to know each other better.

Get the group to stand in the middle of a large space. Then ask an either-or question and request the group to split up according to how they would answer the question. For example, you could ask them whether they prefer a sweet or savoury treat and then request that the people who have a ‘sweet tooth’ to go to one end of the room – and the people who have a ‘savoury tooth’ to go to the opposite end of the room. Ask another either-or question, but this time, ask the people to congregate at the sides of the room so that everyone has to change position.

Choose a set of either-or questions that are relevant to the event and let the exercise continue until feel that the participants are starting to get to know each other.



Author: Mike Wills

Source: Mike Wills Learning Services Gladhayes Farm Marshwood Bridport Dorset England DT6 5QB +44 (0)870 199 9898

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