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E-Services and Employment Service

As the EO Employment Services model begins to reach full maturity, there will be an increased need for service providers to modernize service delivery by fully implementing Web based self serve systems. This training provides the knowledge and skills required to successfully execute self-serve employment systems of today.

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Reserve a Training

We ask organizations to sponsor full trainings and host them in their communities. First Work offers the opportunity for you to work directly with the trainer in order to tailor the experience and the schedule to your organization’s particular needs. If you are interested in organizing a professional development training in your community, please click here to begin booking your training and explore the options we have available. For more information, please email

First Work is committed to raising the level of practice and support among Career Practitioners across Ontario by providing them with professional development opportunities.


Organization: First Work

About catherine

Catherine Ducharme is a bilingual communications specialist based in Toronto. She has been the Content and Communications Co-ordinator for the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) since April 2012 and administers, an online community for career development professionals in Canada. She is also the editor of Careering magazine, the curator for the CareerWise newsletter and she leads francophone outreach at CERIC. Prior to joining CERIC, Catherine worked abroad for nearly two years and worked as a project manager for Quebec’s sector council for the community sector (CSMO-ÉSAC). She is also a translator.

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