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Dinner Guests

Overview: An Icebreaker to get the participants to identify their favourite characters or people they would like to be with. 

Time Required: 10 – 15 minutes

Size of Group: Unlimited

Material Required: A piece of paper and a pen for each participant.

1. To get the participants to identify people they respect.
2. To make the participants more aware of each other’s perceptions.

1. Ask the group to imagine that they are going to have a dinner party next Saturday night. They will be able to invite 3 famous people (either living or dead) to this imaginary dinner party. There will be only 4 people in attendance, yourself and 3 guests. The guests can be politicians, actors, singers, religious leaders, royalty, business leaders, etc.
2. Hand out pens and paper and ask the participants to write down who they will invite.
3. After the list has been prepared each team member must tell the rest of the team their selection and the reasons behind their choices.

Discussion Points:
1. Did anyone have trouble reducing their list to 3?
2. Did anyone have trouble not finding enough people to ask to dinner?
3. Now that participants have heard the other selections would they change their list?

People within your organization may be suited for well-known personalities.


Date of publication: 2005

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Australia

Author: Gary Kroehnert

Source: 103 Additional Training Games Gary Kroehnert McGraw-Hill Australia, 2005 0 074 71050 8

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