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Data Processing

Data Processing

Objective: To break the ice in a group of strangers, break down barriers in groups, or help group members get to know each other.

Directions: This is a way to find out a little more about the people with whom we are working. It provides an excuse to talk and get to know others in a group. The key is in providing the excuse to get to know and to get to be known.

–  Start to mingle…let’s arrange ourselves alphabetically by our first names.

–  Think of the month/day/year in which you were born. Arrange yourselves in order from the earliest birthday to the most recent birthday. (You can drop the year and use just months and days and arrange the group in a line from January 1 to December 31.) Try having the group make this line without saying a word!

–  Form a line starting with the least tall and finishing with the tallest, with your eyes closed.

–  Think of your favorite color. Find all those who like the same color then form a rainbow.




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