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A Report on the Postsecondary Decisions of High-Achieving Students in Ontario

High-achieving students in Ontario plan earlier for PSE and most consider it as a given in their lives, according to new research from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.  Top students were more likely to enrol in science and engineering programs than the general student population, and less likely to pursue business and the arts. According to counsellors and advisors interviewed for the study, many high-achieving students cited the desire to go to an elite, prestigious institution and felt few Ontario or Canadian institutions met that standard. However, those who did enrol in Ontario universities wanted a unique educational experience and sought out programs with smaller class sizes, more contact with professors, innovative teaching strategies, and interdisciplinary approaches. Many counsellors and advisors interviewed noted the limited number of such program options in Ontario.



Date of publication: November-12


Publisher: "The Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario"

Jurisdiction: Ontario

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