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Test Match

Game Format:

  • Manual (paper-and-pencil)


Learning Expectations:

  • To promote direct interaction between participants and content material.
  • To predict how many questions each player can answer pertaining to topic.


Game Objective:

  • To win by making the highest original estimate and then matching or exceeding the estimate.


Players: 3 or more

Time: 20 to 35 minutes



  • 1 game sheet per player
  • Overhead projector (if using transparencies)



  • Divide class into teams of two.
  • Explain rules of game: “Each player is to estimate how many correct responses he/she will provide to 7 test questions. The object is to be the player that both:
  •  Makes the highest original estimate AND
  •  Matches or exceeds the estimate.”
  • Have players predict how many correct responses they will get on the test.
  • Record the estimated scores on overhead, flipchart or chalkboard.
  • Distribute one game sheet (containing 7 questions) to each player.
  • After 10 minutes, call time.
  • Ask if players wish to revise their original estimates. (Optional)
  • Go over the correct responses.
  • Have players tally his/her number of correct responses.
  • Post each player’s final score next to original estimate. (Optional)
  • The player with the highest original score AND whose final score exceeds or matches his/her original estimate is declared the winner.



Date of publication: 1998


Publisher: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer

Author: Steve Sugar M.B.A

Source: Games That Teach Steve Sugar M.B.A Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer, 1998 ISBN: 0787940186

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